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When you have the world in your hands, it’s easier to navigate it's needs.

  • Get an overview of the trending proposals, polls, petitions and fundraisers.
  • Write your own proposals and put them in the spotlight through our network.
  • Become a delegate and raise awareness about your causes
  • Allocate funds and support projects through the altruistic wallet

A global village of changemakers

Collective competence comes through sharing ideas.

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Create proposals & connect with other changemakers around the globe

Collective competence is the result of sharing information, resources and advice. The red button will help you:

  • Initiate powerful change processes that can effect local, national and global decisionmaking.
  • Support important causes aligned with your values.
  • Debate crucial and compelling ideas.
  • Raise funds to strengthen causes and groups.

What problems do you want to solve?

Find your space in the political sphere

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Set your compass to discover global landscapes of competing values & interests.

To be able to navigate intelligently through the vast amounts of political causes generated by our users, we have developed a personalised filtering-system that we call the Compass. When you register you will get a presence that receives a feed with a propsals tailored to your areas, interests and values.

Increase your presence

Overview positive impacts of your actions

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Get an overview of your presence in the world

  • Overview your proposals, debates, petitions and fundraisers.
  • Manage communities you influence.
  • List changemakers you follow.
  • Share stories that you have been part of.
  • Track your "Presence Score".

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