This is a test petition

Everyone should be in favour of testing things before they go live. This is a test to see if the petitions work and if they display properly. Please sign or comment if you see this petition!

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Group: Building Crowdpol


  1. For

    I can vote multiple times, and each vote is counted (but the “Neutral” votes are not displayed). This should be fixed. 🙂

    A suggestion: An additional display of the percentages of the results would be beneficial.

    1. Neutral

      Though this is a petition, come to think of it, so you would have signed the petition, not actually voted. Might you be mixing up the comment with the vote? The idea is to use For and Against as a way to categorize commentary.

  2. For

    It looks like my “neutral” vote was not counted or is at least not displayed. Curious to see if this second answer from me is displayed as another pro.

    BTW: You should really choose the same naming Pro/Con/Abstain and not display this “Against” instead of “Con” and “For” instead of “Pro”. suggestion; Just use a template to select from with the 3 options. Please also integrate Sociocracy with “Agree”, “No Objection” (good enough to go ahead and give it a try), “Neutral”.

    1. For

      I like the sociocracy options. The current system needs modification in any case. The original idea was to have a proposal and then a list of the best arguments for and against it to give people quick access to the main issues and a decent appreciation of the complexity, to inform them before they decide for themselves. The current version is a modification on a wordpress plugin, so definitely needs some more work.