Our Story

A Story About Us (All Of Us)

The world is changing because the people need change. The things that we were told to strive for turned out not to be of much value to us. They did not make us more connected, did not increase or liberties or self-sovereignty, did not make us more happy or fulfilled. They have slowly been draining our lives and destroying our habitats.

The promise of technology has given most of us more stuff, but less time and, in many cases, less health to enjoy life. The current trajectory seems to lead only toward more debt and more extraction of common resources and more degradation of our environment and and more inequality as the spoils of this war masquerading as progress are granted to fewer and fewer hands.

In a race against this destination of financial and environmental collapse our technological prowess is growing at an exponential rate. The tools we need to turn all our curves are there and new tools are being invented by the hour. Most of our joys and woes can be linked to our extraordinary talents as toolmakers. But technological progress alone is no guarantee that we will mitigate both the environmental havoc we have created as well as provide a beneficial environment for free and autonomous human beings living within the limits that our shared commons allow.

Given the exploitative nature of our history, technology that is not vetted and manages by us in a democratic way is likely to lift us out of the frying pan and into the fire.  If we are to navigate the challenges we now face with the unprecedented power now at our fingertips, we need a new operating system for our civilisation. An operating system that takes our collective needs into consideration and balances these against the constraints of our environment. An operating system that nurtures every individual as the unique piece of our common puzzle of potential without encroaching on the all the other pieces. An operating system that is future proof and regenerates the habitats that have been decimated over the centuries of human expansion so that our descendants might one day look back at our time and our generation as the ancestors who turned the vessel of human destiny away from the jagged rocks of destruction and towards the unknown but open waters they now sail with great care and attention.

This is why of Crowdpol, our reason to be. We are an attempt to create a first tentative version of that new operating system by using old and familiar tools in a new way. We provide the tools you need to get started on making the changes you want to see. We provide a space to share visions and make connections so that you can find your team and your tribe and align around your common goals. Our mission is to support individuals and their communities to create the changes they want to see as quickly and efficiently as possible and build a global democratic system run from the bottom up.

Crowdpol is a pro-social network for people who want to change the world. Our purpose is to provide you as a changemaker with the tools and resources to do the job you have taken on. These tools include a liquid democracy system for voting, advanced profile features to match you with the kind of projects you might want to contribute to, tools to create your own projects and campaigns and a crowdfunding platform to support you project financially. Not only will we develop these tools with you, you will be deciding which tools to develop through your votes, efforts and other contributions.

Of equally importance to what we are is what we are not. Crowdpol is not a privately owned social media platform based on the traditional extractive business model. We do not mine and sell your data and we do not sell advertising space and we do not use secret algorithms to manipulate you. Instead we are exploring an entirely different business model where our members fund the platform though a small monthly fee to cover the costs. Whatever funds not required to maintain the platform are returned back to our members through their Altruistic Wallets. This wallet can then be used to fund projects, support changemakers or finance new open source features on the platform. Alongside of creating a prosocial network for changemakers we will thus also explore model a novel model for collective ownership and commonly managed businesses in the future.

Crowdpol is currently under the custodianship of the Swedish non profit organisation Syntropi. This entity is a temporary custodian of the network as a stepping stone on the path to creating an entirely distributed platform without central control. The next step along this path will be the creation of a foundation that will act as an interim entity which will take over the custodianship of Crowdpol. The foundations charter will be co-created with the members of Crowdpol, who will also elect the board.

The project is currently managed by Tim alongside our lead developer HermanDaisy-May is in charge of community support and Gien heads up network connections. David is our art director and UX designer and Robert is our main legal and financial advisor. 

We are currently testing the beta version of Crowdpol in preparation of our official launch on the 15th of September 2020, Global Democracy Day. By this date we should be able to provide our members with a fully operational platform for civic engagement including community creation, proposal writing, voting, delegating, project presentation, volunteer matching and more.

Together? Pretty darn far, we should think. But if you are looking for more details check out our tentative roadmap or read up on present and future features here.

Crowdpol is a collaborative and not for profit project that has been built with a lot of effort from volunteers. We’d like to keep it that way as much as possible as our goal is to become an entirely distributed and autonomous network with no central repository of either power or information. Clearly a small or medium sized team will need to dedicate themselves pretty much full time to the project to get us there, but the more help we can get, the faster and more securely we can arrive at our destination.

If you are keen to help there are a number of areas we could really use a hand. Here are a few suggestions.