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Economy & Financial Systems, Education & Culture, Environment & Sustainability, Healthcare & Social Issues, Energy, Technology & Infrastructure

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A second look

My job at the moment is to manage the process of making Crowdpol complete enough to manage itself. Feel free to reach out to me with any queries or suggestions. And thanks for joining in!

My big goal

My crazy big goal is to build an operating system for human society that will allow humanity evolve into a space-faring species by giving every individual agency over their lives and their fair share of access to the commons without overstepping the ecological boundaries of our planet.

Yes, that is a pretty tall order, I know. But luckily, I don’t have to undertake the mission all on my lonesome. It’s something we can work on together. And fix a lot of what is broken in the world while we’re at it.

Some old thoughts on life that eventually evolved into being part of Crowdpol here.


I have worked in healthcare, both somatic and psychiatric, and as a journalist/editor. I have also worked with a plethora of different projects and am pretty good with people. I’ve also built a few tree houses and other habitats in my day and am fairly comfortable with the most common power tools. I can also drive a car, but am more comfortable driving on the right side to the left.


I have a drivers license for standard vehicles. Other than that no credentials of any relevance here, I think…


My Unbearable Present

The fact that the mess we’re making of our job as apex custodians is most likely due to a really, really bad operating system that focusses on the exploitation of our habitat and our own human nature rather than the opposite.

My Ideal Future

A world where everyone has their basic needs covered, water, food, shelter, security, healthcare and education so that they can explore their own potential and add their talents and gifts to our shared commons that we one day might travel to the stars as a mature species and nurturing civilisation worth exporting.

How to get there

Basically that would be Crowdpol with all its present and future features. But other significant steps would be Universal Basic Services (UBI that bypasses money altogether), a Bank of the Commons to fund common projects (because money is actually a pretty neat technology that can serve us in the interim, provided we get to issue it ourselves) and a year of Service to Society as a sort of Rite of Passage, after which we get to become full adults in the eyes of the law and our peers.

There are a whole lot of other ideas I’d like to try out. I’ll add them as proposals here on Crowdpol for your comments and thoughtful feedback.

What I can do

I’m pretty happy to help out with anything, provided it does not clash with my values and goals, I have the time to spare and, if it is a geographically located project, that it is not too far away from where I happen to be on this globe of ours.

How can you help?

Any help you can provide to make Crowdpol a better platform and a stronger network will be most appreciated! Looking for programmers, marketers, philosophers, activists, changemakers, mentors, moderators, community builders, you name it! Send me a message if you want to help co-create this space!