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Cape Town International Airport (CPT), Matroosfontein, Cape Town, South Africa

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Economy & Financial Systems, Education & Culture, Environment & Sustainability, Nutrition & Food Systems, Healthcare & Social Issues, Energy, Technology & Infrastructure, Ethics & Law, Work & Enterprise

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A second look

My archetypes are:

– Future ancestor

– Deep Humanizer

– Social Weaver
– Big Tipper
– EMERGEncy advocate
– Cosmolocalist
– Circular WEconomist
– WELLth practitioner
– Human BEing

Above all else, I see my”self” as a future ancestor, social weaver and one who is constantly falling into vismayāviṣṭa (Sanskrit for “being in the state of wonder and astonishment”).

To be a future ancestor is to acknowledge the fact that the act of living is no different than the act of dying. How do we transcend courage (which depends on fear) for living and transform it into wisdom that is fully embodied and effortlessly accepts the temporary nature of consciousness and essence? How do I bring that into every moment of this life journey? What does a life look like that fully accepts one’s mortality?

To be a social weaver is to acknowledge the power and role of culture in all our lives. It is to weave together strands of the sacred into a beautiful cultural tapestry that illuminates and celebrates the power of the duplication of  one normative human consciousness.

The union of the future ancestor and the social weaver enables us to see the sacred holographic reflection of the same universal consciousness archetype reflected in each individual mirror consciousness as a facet belonging to Indra’s Net. Both the future ancestor and the social weaver are deeply intertwined and help us fall into vismayāviṣṭa.

The heart feels, the mind thinks (abstracts & divides), and the body acts. In so doing, the energy from the private inner world meanders into the public outer world. We are all active co-creators of culture. As collective ignorance is responsible for the public world we co-inhabit, Human Interior Transformation (HIT) must complement Social Exterior Transformation (SET) for lasting change.