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Economy & Financial Systems, Education & Culture, Environment & Sustainability, Nutrition & Food Systems, Healthcare & Social Issues, Energy, Technology & Infrastructure, Ethics & Law, Work & Enterprise

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A second look

Hi, I’m Daisy-Mae Bluebell Bray! Also known as; Daisy-Mae, Daisy, Bluebell, DMBB (and many more – it really depends what mood you’re in!)… And yes, it’s my real name. No, my parents weren’t hippies back then but my name has certainly shaped who I am inside, no denying it. I have always been seen – and felt – as a round peg in a square hole, which I now appreciate the older I get and the more I understand who I truly am and what I am about.


I love inspiring people, I believe it’s one of the most potent forms of social change. The phrase of my existence is “Imagine a world that…”. I believe that imagination (in connection with Nature) is really the key to the survival and thriving of the human species.


In a a nutshell; I’m a passionate visionary, a dreamer, doer, creative, ‘regenerator’ – with a personal and collective mission to help create a beautiful world aligned with Nature and wholeness. I also strongly carry the archetype of the healer, which means that I feel naturally inclined to care and support people, creatures and Nature.


My first love as a teenager (alongside protesting against the government and being a  wannabe punk rocker with flowers in my hair) was holistic (massage) therapy – which I still practise, when I’m not travelling around our beautiful planet – I usually move with the seasons… not always intentionally. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era, but then I remember that I’m really just an old soul, here to help merge ancient and new ways to midwife the birth of a new paradigm – inside and out.


In recent years, through a profound inner journey through my mid twenties in which I deeply contemplated the state of the world and where my place is in the family of things – my healing and activism ‘work’ has been largely focused on understanding the transition to a sustainable food system through community-scale project work, and gaining experience within non-profits to understand the journey we must take towards food sovereignty for all and the emergence of a wellbeing economy which supports personal and planetary wellbeing at the local scale, whilst thinking global.


I love gardening, good food is totally divine to me, as are flowers. I adore aromatherapy and I am currently exploring my relationship to earthworms.

Poetry is Life.

My favourite food is most definitely curry – authentic Indian food is super medicinal.

My favourite country is Scotland, I fell in love with this country at 22 years old when I first quit city life and moved to the wilderness where I worked at a retreat for a Summer.

My favourite season is Spring – but I do love and appreciate all of them uniquely and all the gifts they offer.

I am most happiest when I’m surrounded by a like-minded community, co-creating Heaven on Earth together.


My big goal

My dream and goal is to co-create a world where humans are able to live healthily in alignment with Nature and the web of life, it seems unlikely given the stats but I believe and am (actively) hopeful that it can be done through a commitment to collaboration, unlearning the mistakes of the past, and investing in new innovations which are regenerative.


I feel deeply fulfilled when assisting, supporting and visioning projects that regenerate our beautiful home, Earth, and which enable the human race to upgrade past scarcity and lack through social structures which are degenerative and not supportive of the flourishing of life on our planet. I am here to serve Life… As Life!






What I can do

I can assist regenerative projects and support individuals who want to grow into their fullest potential as a changemaker.