Crowdpol Needs You

These are but a few of the people and skills we need to make Crowdpol all it can be. 

The Developer

Do you know how to code and want to make Crowdpol a reality, something you could use on a daily basis? Or have you written a really cool and useful piece of software that might fit snuggly into the Crowdpol ecosystem? The cool thing about being a programmer is that in this age of information, you know how to build the tools that you will use. Few occupations do that these, apart from maybe the blacksmiths, and they aren’t exactly as prevalent as they used to be. The rest of us are utterly dependent on you. Humans are toolmakers, and as far as Crowdpol is concerned, you developers are the magicians making the machinery. You lay the foundation upon which everyone else can build with their skills and compassion. 

Crowdpol is an open-source project but is currently making use of WordPress and plugins like BuddyBoss as the foundation we build upon. To this, we are adding a few functions of our own, such as proposal writing, delegating and means for volunteers and project to find each other. If you are a developer that is keen to help out with this, that would be very much appreciated. Drop Herman a few lines by way of introduction, and he’ll take it from there.

The Local Hero

Do you work with a local civic organisation or network? Are your boots on the ground and your hands in the dirt? Are you doing your best to make this world of our a little bit better today than it was yesterday? 

We are attempting to build Crowdpol from the ground up, proper grassroots style. We want to onboard local communities first by providing useful tools to coordinate and support the tasks of civil society, then level up to regions and nations. Would you like to use Crowdpol in your local community? Reach out to us!

The Crowdpollinator

Are you a diplomat by nature who is not afraid to roll their sleeves and to the digital dirty work of keeping Crowdpol clean? Every community we open up will need a team that makes sure that the rules of engagement are followed until that community grows large enough to monitor itself. It is a glorious and thankless job, but entirely necessary if we are not to get swamped and sidetracked. 

As a Crowdpollinator, you and your team will be responsible for the activity within your Crowdpol community. You will be the custodian and perhaps the wet nurse helping your fledgeling community grow and mature. Your goal is to make yourself redundant, for your community to manage itself. Just as it is all our responsibility to make sure that Crowdpol manages itself. Because we don’t need leaders, just people that provide good examples. Crowdpol is about being of service to something larger than the self. Besides, the servant is but the master in disguise. Talk to Daisy-May if you need assistance!

The Translator

There is a lot of work to be done for our local communities to run smoothly in order for our global community to run smoothly. One of the biggest jobs is translating all the content. Initially, this means working with language files so people can use Crowdpol in their own language but later one this will mean creating teams that translate proposals and projects and more, plus making sure that the translations of others are correct. If you have the gift of more than one tongue and want to lend us your linguistic leanings, lean on over!

The Philanthropist

You! Yes, you! Everyone has an inner philanthropist that wants to lend a helping hand. Some even have the cash to spare! And honestly, what could possibly be the point of having cash to spare if it is not going to be put to good use? Plus, hey, Crowdpol might just be the gift that keeps on giving back! 

Your donations could make a yuuuge difference at this point. We could offer them up as bounty for the most crucial things we need to build next, or to pay for servers and bandwidth, to hire more staff, or even to pay membership fees for those who don’t have that cash to spare. In the future, you will be able to put up challenges and fund entire projects on Crowdpol. But that is in the future, this is now. And we could really use the extra cash! Plus we’ll show you exactly where it is going. That is kind of the point with the whole radical transparency thingy we are promoting. If you want reassurance that we won’t spend your hard or not so hard-earned cash, we are always happy to take your call! Almost as happy as taking your cash. Which, by the way, we will use very responsibly!

The Promoter

Speaking of promoting ideas, how do you like this one? Would you like to help us create material to spread the message? Video, audio, written word, performance art? Do you have a background in PR? Great? Don’t you have a background in PR? Also great! This platform is for everyone and the quality of your ideas is all that counts in the end. 

Our goal is to create a thriving global community of conscious changemakers creating a sustainable society for all. Our goal is that every local community be represented on Crowdpol. Our goal is that we work together for what we believe in together. That means we need to reach a lot of people. That is what you are good at. Chat to David or Tim

The Campaigner

You got some great ideas looking for a platform to be expressed on? You ready to change the world, all you need is a few good men (of any or no gender in particular), a solid plan and a getaway vehicle? You got what it takes but aren’t sure where to take it? This would be the place for you! No need to contact us really, just get stuck in!

The Celebrity

Yes. It’s cheezy. I know. So last century. But still, if people follow you on twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, well, then you have influence. And if you want that influence to lead to some real impact, well, maybe create some proposals on Crowdpol and bring your eager followers over. Because they are the best followers/fans anyone could wish for! 
Need more convincing? Drop me a line and I’ll do my best to argue our case without being too starstruck.

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