About us

Crowdpol at a glance

Crowdpol is a pro-social platform for changemakers, for people who are serious about creating a better world. We build tools to help you work together on changing the things that really matter to you, wherever you are across the globe.

On Crowdpol you can write posts, create polls and petitions or political propositions for government bodies. You can add arguments for or against different proposals, as well as add links to research or other relevant information. You can vote on all of these any time you like.If you do not have the time or are not sure how to vote  you can delegate your vote to a person or an organisation you trust to vote for you.

You can create a community around a goal or a purpose or a physical place or for your local network, or find a community that you vibe with and make a difference together. You can create a social or environmental project and look for funding or volunteers or other types of assistance, or find projects where you can be of assistance. And much, much more. How much more? Find out below…